11 days till Christmas

The Christmas tree at Cramlington library where the knitting club made the Christmas tree and all its decorations.

11 days left till Christmas, at least 6 trees so far. if you are thinking of making us a tree but not sure what to go for here are some ideas for shapes and techniques.

This is a crocheted tree by Klas Ernflo.

I have been experimenting with knitting in the round for the first time. I made a mitten shape and attached lots of little leaves I have made but what about knitting a trunk and then attaching pom poms?

If knitting in the round is still a little daunting (although having finally braved it i can confidently say it is easy) then just knit a rectangle/ scarf and sew it up the back.  Crochet is a great way to free style 3d shapes and round forms.

Here are some drawings I did imagining the different shapes and possibilities of knitted trees:

You can make your tree any colour and scale you like. Why not try stuffing your tree with old t-shirts to make it stiffer so it can be free standing.

Here are some different stitches i found to get your tree juices flowing:

Happy festive season x


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