Leaf Pattern

If your not sure where to start and a whole jungle seems a bit daunting here is a little leaf pattern to get you started. Please don’t be scared of all the abbreviations give them a go they are much simpler than they might at first appear!

A Leaf

Requires: Yarn and 2 double pointed knitting needles

Cord Instuctions: A very useful cord can be made using double pointed needles. Cast on 3 stiches (or more for fatter cord) and knit one row the usual way. Without turning, slide the stiches to the opposite end of the needle. Take the yarn firmly across the wrong side from left to right and knit one row. Repeat from * for the required length.

Leaf Instructions: Using the double pointed needles cast on 3 stitches and make a cord for your stem.  3cm is recommended but it can be whatever length you require. Use these stitches as your base and go straight to row 1:

1st Row: (RS) K1, yo,K1,yo,K1. 5sts

2nd Row and all WS rows: K

3rd Row: K2,yo,K1,yo,K2. 7sts

5th Row: K3,yo,K1,yo.K3. 9sts

7th Row: K4,yo,K1,yo,K4. 11sts

9th Row: K5,yo,K1,yo,K5. 13sts

11th Row: Ssk,K9,K2tog, 11sts

13th Row: Ssk,K7,K2tog, 9sts

15th Row: Ssk,K5,K2tog. 7sts

17th Row: Ssk,K3,K2tog. 5sts

19th Row: Ssk,K1,K2tog. 3sts

21st Row: Sk2po. Fasten off remaining st.


RS: Right Side

K: Knit

yo: Yarn forward and over needle to make stitch.

sts:  Stitches

WS: Wrong Side

Ssk: Slip two stitches one at a time knitwise, insert point of left hand needle into the front of these two stiches and knit them together.

K2tog: Knit two together

Sk2po: slip one knitwise, knit tow together, pass slip stitch over.


The Blog Natural Suburbia also has a few free leaf patterns. While you are there check out the great Slug.


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